NYC Building Owners

Accredited Environmental Solutions can provide expert assistance in removing violations issued by New York City’s Department of Housing, Preservation and Development (HPD) and Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DoHMH). Accredited offers the following services:

  • Physical violation correction
  • Violation paperwork management
  • HPD violation contestation
  • HPD violation correction certifications
  • HPD violation postponement requests
  • Local Law 1 Exemption inspections and filings
  • Lead-based paint and mold violation correction
  • DoH Elevated blood lead level/lead poisoned child violations corrected
  • DoH Bureau of Day Care lead paint testing for new and existing locations

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Lead Paint Law

The City’s Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Act (Local Law 1 of 2004) requires landlords to identify and remediate lead-based paint hazards in the apartments of young children, using trained workers and safe work practices. Lead-based paint is presumed to exist in a multiple dwelling unit if:

  • The building was built before 1960 (or between 1960 and 1978 if the owner knows that there is lead-based paint) and
  • A child under the age of six lives in the apartment. F

For more information on work practices, read the Guide to Local Law #1 of 2004 Work Practices.

Property owners can hire qualified companies to conduct testing to determine whether there is lead-based paint in their buildings and work proactively to reduce the liability associated with lead-based paint. Local Law 1 provides for an exemption from certain provisions of the law based on submission of the required testing and documentation—refer to HPD’s Exemption application.



Currently, HPD issues violations based on a surface testing positively for lead (order #617) and for surfaces which were not tested by HPD that are subject to the presumption in the law (order #616). Violations are also issued based on a failure to provide records requested by the Department after a lead-poisoned child is identified in the building by the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) (order #618).

Order# Options for the owner
616 Correct and certify the correction of the condition; File for a contestation; Request a postponement
617 Correct and certify the correction of the condition
618 Provide requested records within 45 days of demand. You can contact the Lead-Based Paint Inspection Unit’s COTA Unit at (212) 423-5065 for more details regarding the dismissal of this violation.


Certification of Correction On-Time Lead-Based Paint Hazard Violation
Submit the certification documents to HPD: HPD, Lead-Based Paint Inspection Program, 105 East 106th Street, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10029.


Lead-based paint violations have been issued under several different lead laws over the past 30 years. The laws required different methods of correction and different documentation to support the correction. If the deadline to correct and certify such a violation has passed, the owner cannot certify correction. CONTACT ACCREDITED ENVIRONMENTAL for guidance.

AF-5: Affidavit of Compliance: Lead-based paint violations – for work completed after August 1, 2004

AF-3: Affidavit of Compliance: Lead-based paint violations – for work completed prior to August 1, 2004

For further questions, contact a Borough Service Center or call the Lead Hotline at (212) 863-6458.

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