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Lead-based Paint Inspection

A lead inspection or survey locates, categorizes and evaluates the condition of lead-based paint (LBP) or lead containing materials in a given area. Using specialized, non-destructive testing methods, Accredited is able to provide an instant determination if lead-based paint is present by using x-ray flourescence (XRF) devices. Other types of lead testing offered by Accredited include:

  • Water
  • Air
  • Soil
  • Dust

NYC HPD/DoH Violation Removal

Accredited Environmental Solutions can provide expert assistance in removing violations issued by New York City’s Department of Housing, Preservation and Development (HPD) and Department of Health and Mental Hygeine (DoHMH).

NYC Bureau of DayCare Assistance

Lead-based paint testing, paint correction and coordination assistance with NYC Department of Health’s Bureau of DayCare for new and existing DayCare locations.

Risk Assessment

In addition to the testing achieved by a Lead-based Paint Inspection, a Risk Assessment tells you if there are any sources of exposure to lead from paint (such as peeling paint and lead dust). It also tells you what actions to take to address these hazards. Accredited’s trained professionals use a range of methods when checking your home, including a portable x-ray fluorescence devices to determine the content of lead in the paint on your walls; visual inspection of paint condition and location; and lab tests household dust from areas throughout your home. Risk Assessments are recommended in homes where children have been tested and shown to have elevated blood lead levels.

Clearance/Dust Wipe Testing

In order to deem any project that disturbs lead-based paint safe and in compliance with regulations, post-clearance testing is performed. Dust wipes are taken and analyzed throughout the project site to guarantee the area is lead-safe.

Lead-Based Paint Abatement

After a lead inspection of the project location has been performed and a scope of work developed. Accredited’s EPA-certified abatement personnel work can correct or abate lead-based paint hazards while closely following the stringent framework of HUD, OSHA, DEP and other applicable federal, state and local regulations governing lead based paint.

Mold Assessments

After an interview with the client we will perform an inspection of the property to identify potential problem areas and perform any necessary air or surface testing. All samples are analyzed by New York State certified laboratories. Our reports include the identification and enumeration of the fungal spores trapped on the sample and other important Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) analytes (pollen, insect fragments, fibrous particulate matter, skin and overall background density). This gives you more information in helping you determine the quality of your indoor air. All assessments include a written report and recommendations.

Mold Remediation

Under close supervision by one of our health and safety professionals with experience performing microbial investigations, all projects (small to large) are executed by personnel trained in the handling of hazardous materials. All work areas are generally sealed off from adjacent areas under “negative air” conditions.

Asbestos Testing

Our EPA-certified and New York state licensed inspectors will establish the presence or absence of asbestos through visual inspection and lab analysis. If asbestos has been detected, the report will indicate where its location and the hazard assessment of each asbestos containing material (ACM), including whether or not the material is friable. Depending upon the hazard level, Accredited will recommend response actions.

These services are available to the residential, institutional, commercial and industrial markets. The work is performed by trained and certified lead abatement workers.